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Colorado Story (4th grade)

  • Correlation–Common Core Standards
  • Correlation–State Standards
  • Course Pacing Guide
  • ELL/Modified Chapter Guide

    The Colorado Story ELL/Modified Chapter Guide supplements the Student Guide with simplified lessons for struggling learners, and can be used for fast tracking lessons when time is short. ELL/Modified lesson plans, word cards, activities, assessments, and answers are included.

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  • Student Edition—Audio Files Now Available

    The Colorado Story is a textbook program for 4th grade Colorado Studies. The program is based on Colorado's 2010 Academic Standards for social studies and teaches civics, history, geography, and economics. The student edition places the state's historical events in the larger context of our nation's history.

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    Access Audio Files by clicking the Resources icon on the left hand menu in the viewer.

  • Student Guide

    The Colorado Story Student Guide is a reproducible book that provides students with Activity Masters that correlate with the student edition and a Chapter Review Study Guide that challenges students to draw conclusions and allows them different ways of demonstrating comprehension.

  • Teacher Guide

    The Colorado Story Teacher Guide supports the Student Edition with multiple lesson activities focused on social studies, reading comprehension, vocabulary, and cross-curricular topics. It also includes resource lists for each lesson, thumbnails of accompanying Student Guide pages, chapter assessments, an answer key, and a set of Teacher Tools (maps and graphic organizers). The program is designed to support state standards.

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