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Quilts and Shovels Read your class two picture books about family heritage and heirlooms: Show Way by Jacqueline Woodson and Miss Bridie Chose a Shovel by Leslie Connor. Ask students what made the quilts and the shovel in each book so special? Are these items examples of primary sources? Can primary sources have feelings attached to them by people and their families? Introduce the concept of family heirlooms . Some people might think of family heirlooms as treasures like jewelry, but what about a shovel? How can it be a family heirloom? Ask students for other examples of family heirlooms, e.g., a wedding ring, a baby’s christening dress, a grandfather’s yarmulke, or a handmade Christmas ornament. Have each student draw a picture of something they or their family owns that is already a family heirloom or that is special enough that it might become one someday. Hang up all the pictures and conduct a gallery walk or have students present their artwork and heirloom ideas to the class. KEY IDEAS History is the story of the past. Artifacts show us how people of the past lived. We use many sources to learn about the past. Time periods help us understand when things happened in history. LESSON PREVIEW Activator
Family Tree See Student Guide page 1. Explain to your students that personal and family history is an important part of state history and even our country’s history. Ask your students if they have ever seen a family tree and display a model of your own family tree. Tell students a little about some of the people in your family tree, and tell at least one fun family story. Have students turn to the “Family Tree” page in the Student Guide and fill out the lines for themselves and their parents. Assign them to fill in their grandparents’ and great-grandparents’ names as homework. They should also ask their parents to tell a fun little story about one of the people from the family tree so they can record it on the lines below. Have students share some of their stories with the class.
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Family Tree
Fill in the name of yourself and your parents in class. Then take your family tree page home and fi ll in the names
of your grandparents and great-grandparents for homework. Ask your parents to tell a fun family story about one
of the people in your family tree and record it on a separate sheet of paper to share with the class.
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