WRITING PORTFOLIO CHAPTER 5, LESSON 1 MODELS Persuasive Letter without Details Dear Mom and Dad, I’m so mad! I should be able to stay up later. It is so unfair that you make me go to bed at 8:30. Why can’t I stay up till 10:00 like my friends? You are really mean to make me go to bed early. Please change the rules and let me stay up till 9:30 or 10:00 instead. Love, Ronny Persuasive Letter with Details Dear Mom and Dad, I have been going to bed at 8:30 since I was little. Now that I’m older I want to ask you to let me stay up later. Staying up later would give me more time for doing my chores and my homework. If I had more time, I could get better grades! My friends at school get to stay up till 10:00 or sometimes 11:00, but all I’m asking is to stay up till 9:30. What do you think? I know I need to get enough sleep, but I did the math and I would still get at least 8 hours of sleep. I learned at school that kids need about 8 hours of sleep. I would actually get even more. Can we try this new bedtime out for a week? If it turns out good, we can keep going. I know you’re my parents and you get to decide. I’m just asking you to give me a chance to show that this is a great idea. Love, Ronny
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