SOCIAL STUDIES ACTIVITY Chapter 3—Lesson 2 What W as It Like? An Indian named Samoset who spoke a little English told the colonists about another Indian who spoke more English. His name was Squanto, and he had been captured by a man who tried to sell him as a slave in Spain. Squanto was able to get help and go to England. Eventually he came back home, but almost everyone in his tribe had died of a disease, probably smallpox. Excerpt from W illiam Bradford’s Of Plymouth Plantation (section dated 1621) [After] a while [Samaset] carne [came] againe, and 5 more with him, and . . . made way for the coming of their great Sachem [chief], called Massasoyt; who, about 4 or 5 days after, carne with the cheefe of his freinds and other attendance, [including] Squanto. With whom, after frendly entertainment, and some gifts given him, they made a peace with [Massasoyt] (which hath now continued this 24 years) in these terms. 1. That neither he nor any of his, should injurie or doe hurte to any of their people [the Pilgrims]. 2. That if any of his did any hurte to any of theirs, he should send the offender, that they might punish him. 3. That if any thing were taken away from any of theirs, he should cause it to be restored [given back]; and they should doe the like to his. 4. If any [Indian tribes] did unjustly warr against him, they would aide him; if any did warr against them, he should aide them. 5. He should send to his neighbours confederats, to certifie them of this, that they might not wrong them, but might be likewise comprised in the conditions of peace. [Massasoyt would try to get other Indian tribes he knew to be peaceful with the Pilgrims, too.] 6. That when [the Indians came] to them, they should leave their bows and arrows behind them. After these things he returned to his place caled Sowams, some 40 mile from this place, but Squanto continued with them [the Pilgrims], and was their interpreter, and was a [special helper] sent of God for their good beyond their expectation. He directed them how to set their [corn], wher to take fish, and to procure other commodities [find other food], and was also their pilott [guide] to bring them to unknowne places for their profitt, and never left them till he dyed. He was a native of this place, and scarce any left alive beside him selfe [of his tribe].
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