WRITING PORTFOLIO Chapter 2—Lesson 1 A Family Tradition MODELS Not Enough Detail My family has such fun birthday traditions. We always make the person feel really special. Cake is one of my favorite parts of the birthday tradition in our family. We have really good birthday celebrations in my family. Everybody laughs a lot. Enough Detail Whenever someone in our family has a birthday, my mom and dad fix that person’s favorite dinner and dessert. This can be funny since my little sister’s favorite food is chicken noodle soup and my dad’s favorite food is liver and onions. My favorite food is pizza, though, and everyone likes that. The birthday person gets to eat dinner from a special red plate. Then we go around the table and each person says what they like best about the birthday person. When the cake comes out, the birthday person leads the music like a choir director as we all sing “Happy Birthday to You.” We even have a second verse—“We love you so much!” Of course, then it’s time to open presents. We love our birthday traditions.
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