WRITING PORTFOLIO Let’s Begin MODELS Not Enough Detail I remember the time I was a brave explorer. My brother and his friend were afraid to go in a haunted house, but I wasn’t. I went first, so after that they followed me. Looking back, I still laugh that they were chicken and I wasn’t. Enough Detail “Hey, Emmy,” my big brother Sam said. “Do you want to go exploring with me and Mason?” I looked at him suspiciously. They never wanted to play with me, so what was going on? But exploring sounded really fun. “Okay, I guess.” I followed him out the door. Scott was waiting in the yard, throwing rocks at the fence. “Let’s go,” Sam told him. They looked a little nervous. Off we went, up the street and over a couple of blocks, until we came to an old abandoned house. Even the tree out front was dead, and there was no grass, just weeds. “This is it,” my brother said, like it was no big deal, but I could tell it was. Sam and his friend looked around to make sure no one was watching. Then Mason opened the door and stood back. Both boys looked at me. “What?” “Go on.” I shrugged and walked inside. The house was empty except for dust. Sam and Mason looked at each other and followed me just inside the door. We stood in an empty entry hall. Stairs to our right led upwards. “Now go upstairs,” Sam told me. “All right!” I ran up the stairs and looked in the nearest room. There wasn’t any furniture, just cobwebs. I could see an empty green bottle and a pack of cards scattered across the floor. I heard the boys follow me upstairs, talking and laughing like they weren’t worried at all. It wasn’t till we got home that I found out Sam and Mason thought the house was haunted. They were too scared to go inside, so they sent me in first. I guess they thought maybe the ghosts would get me and leave them alone!
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