The Puritans CHAPTER 3, LESSON 3 KEY IDEAS The Puritans settled in Massachusetts 10 years after the Pilgrims. The Puritans also wanted religious freedom. John Winthrop led them in starting the Massachusetts Bay Colony. The Puritans spread out and started new towns. LESSON PREVIEW Activator
Preparing for the Journey See Student Guide page 54. Review the reasons why the Pilgrims chose to leave England and start a new colony in America. Explain that 10 years after the Pilgrims, another group from England also came to America to start a new life. This new group was known as the Puritans. When they decided to go to America, John Winthrop became their leader. As he was planning the journey, he heard about the troubles the Pilgrims faced in America. He wanted to make sure his group was better prepared and had everything needed in order to survive the sea voyage and build a colony in a new land. Ask students to review what they learned about the Pilgrims in Lesson 1 and Lesson 2. What were the main problems the Pilgrims had to face? Write a list of students’ answers on the board. Answers may include: Difficult sea voyage The first winter Starvation and sickness Freezing temperatures Lack of supplies and livestock Droughts Unfamiliarity with the natural features Poisonous plants Insects Fires After you have created a list on the board, ask students how the Pilgrims could have been better prepared for each of these problems. What could they have done differently? Have students predict what John Winthrop did to make sure the Puritans did not have the same troubles as the Pilgrims. After the discussion, instruct students to complete the “Preparing for the Journey” activity page in the Student Guide. Students will imagine they are in charge of leading the next group of people to America to build a new colony. In order to better prepare for the journey, they will select five problems the Pilgrims faced and write 1–2 sentences explaining what they will do differently to overcome each problem. Once students have completed the activity page, invite them to share their solutions with the class.
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Preparing for the Journey
Imagine you are in charge of leading the next group of people to America to build a new colony. In the chart
below, write a possible solution for each problem.
Problem Solution
Arrival in winter
Freezing temperatures
Lack of supplies
Lack of livestock
Unfamiliar land

Introduce Key Terms
Please introduce the Key Terms using examples of artwork, charades, analogies, or whatever strategies best suit you and your class. After reading and discussing the lesson, students will complete a Key Terms Activity in the Student Guide to reinforce their understanding. immigrant: a person who moves to a new country to live journal: a diary or daily record of events model: being used as an example pasture: land covered with grasses that horses, cattle, and sheep can eat purify: to make pure again; to clean or fix risk: to take a chance; to expose someone or something to danger
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