T he Pilgrims had no time to waste. It was now December. The people needed shelter. They would have to build houses, one at a time. The First Winter . The Pilgrims’ first winter in New England was a difficult one. The ground was frozen, so the people stayed on the ship until they could build houses on the shore. The men made a plan for their town. They built a simple meetinghouse. There they could worship together and talk about new laws for their colony. They planned to build two rows of houses. To get food for their families, they hunted deer in the woods and fished in the ocean. It was cold and wet on the ship. There were no heaters. As hard as the people worked, they could not keep everyone warm and well fed. About half of the Pilgrims got sick and died that winter. However, the story of the Pilgrims was not over. It was still just beginning. Come spring, the Wampanoag would bring them help and new hope.
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