State Symbols It is fun to learn about Massachusetts through our state symbols. Each symbol shows something special about our state. School children from Massachusetts helped choose some of our state symbols. Can you guess which ones they voted for? State Dog: Boston Terrier Our state dog is very smart. It loves to play and is a great companion. It is part bulldog and part English terrier. Boston Terriers are brown and white or black and white with short shiny coats. How would you describe their ears? State Cat: Tabby Cat School children chose the tabby cat as our state cat. The word tabby describes the pattern of the cat’s fur. Different types of cats can have tabby markings. The most common tabby markings look like tiger stripes. Tabby cats are orange, brown, silver, gray, or black. State Tree: American Elm Under the branches of this stately tree, George Washington first led the American army. Elm trees can grow to be 120 feet tall. Their leaves are dark green. They turn yellow in the fall. Elm trees grow very fast and can live in almost any climate. State Insect: Ladybug Did you know that four ladybugs named after the Beatles (John, Paul, George, and Ringo) once rode on the space shuttle? They were part of an experiment. Back on Earth, ladybugs are good for your garden because they eat other bugs. Making ladybugs our state insect was the idea of second-graders in Franklin, Massachusetts.
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