H ave you ever seen a play? People decorate the stage to help tell the story. If history were a play, then geography would be the stage. It is the setting for our state’s story. Geography is the study of the Earth and the people, animals, and plants living on it. It is the study of places and where they are located. It is the also study of how these things are linked to each other. The land has a lot to do with how people have lived here. It has to do with the foods people grew, the clothes they wore, and the kinds of homes they built. Geography is an important part of our story. Where Is Colorado? . We all know we live on the planet Earth. But just where on Earth do we live? Colorado is located on one of the world’s seven continents. Continents are very large land areas. They have oceans on many sides. Colorado is on the continent of North America. Colorado is part of a country on that continent. A country is an area of land under the control of one government. Our country is the United States of America. Canada is the country to the north of us. Mexico is the country to the south of us. Our country is divided into 50 states. Within the states are cities and towns. In what city or town do you live?
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