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High5 AP

Welcome to High5 AP, your home for AP* US History online!

High5 AP is a comprehensive test prep and teaching tool for AP and honors US history. It is specifically designed to help teachers prep their students for the new AP US History exam from the College Board, being administered in May 2015.The massive test bank of over 2,300 questions features multiple choice, DBQ, and the new short answer-type questions.
The following one-year subscription gains you access to the test bank, but also a suite of course resources to help you plan your transition to the new exam. These resources include a full 31-week syllabus, model student essays, graphic organizers for teaching DBQ questions, a style guide for writing in history, a course bibliography, and an extensive list of web links to additional free resources and historical documents.
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*AP and Advanced Placement Program are registered trademarks of the College Board, which does not officially endorse and did not assist in the development of this product.