ACTIVATOR CHAPTER 3, LESSON 3 American Indian Songs and Poems Invoking the Powers (Hako: Pawnee, Osage, Omaha) Remember, remember the circle of the sky the stars and the brown eaglet the supernatural winds breathing night and day from the four directions Remember, remember the great life of the sun breathing on the earth it lies upon the earth to bring out life upon the earth life covering the earth Remember, remember the sacredness of things running streams and dwellings the young within the nest a hearth for sacred fire the holy flame of fire Song (Dakota) I considered myself a wolf but the owls are hooting and now I fear the night Firefly Song (Ojibway) Flickering firefly give me light light once more before I sleep Dancing firefly wandering firefly light once more before I sleep White light sailing white light winking just once more before I sleep
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