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Award-winning history programs.

True to the eclectic style and sensibility of the company (and unlike behemoth educational publishers with household names), Gibbs Smith Education never takes a cookie cutter approach to publishing instructional materials. No two states have the same story, nor do they have the same teaching standards, so no two Gibbs Smith programs are alike. Every program begins with an outline crafted from the latest state-specific standards and curriculum requirements. Add Pulitzer Prize-nominated authors, award-winning images and design, meticulous attention to grade level-appropriate content and readability, and research-based best practice teaching methods, and you have the finest Social Studies programs available today.

"I've waited 37 years to have a social studies book that was so wonderful the kids would cheer when we had social studies. It has been so absolutely wonderful this year. It?s a book that is alive with history. They groan when time is up. Seriously! It is such a good basal that tells the story of America and Tennessee. I hope other teachers are as happy with it—I know our team is."

—A 5th grade teacher using "Tennessee Through Time: The Later Years"